How to pass theory tests of driving license

Theory tests are the multiple-choice questions in which you have to select only one right option. There are nearly about 50 multiple choice questions and the learner driver must have scored 43 right answers to pass the theory test of light vehicles like cars and motorcycles. A heavy vehicle like lorry, truck, bus have different criteria for these types of vehicles there are 100 multiple choice questions from which 85 questions must be correct to pass the test.

How to prepare the theory test

All the multiple questions must be answered. All the questions are selected randomly from different places and databases with thousands of multiple-choice questions. There are multiple ways for the learner to get prepared for this test. There are many websites which provide the facility to have free online tests for practice and score better and better by attempting the online tests multiple times. By doing this the learner gains the knowledge about the real test that how to attempt the test and how much time he has to answer each question. Most of the institutes provide free online practice tests for the preparation of the test and some of the institutes require payment to enrol in the practice course.

Standard process and time

The standard total time required for the test is about 1 hour, the examiner gives 15 minutes practice time before starting the exam so that the learner get used to answering the questions and to reduce the pressure or anxiety due to the test. Nowadays tests are taken in an easy way, the institute takes test electronically on computers so that candidate can mark the questions which he/she doesn’t know at that time and can solve those questions after solving other questions.


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