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How to Parallel Park with Cones

Parallel parking is a driving manoeuvre that most of the driving examiners ask you to perform during the driving test. Make sure you find a good driving school so that you can easily do such manoeuvres.

How to Parallel Park with Cones

Practicing them, again and again, will help you a lot. Parking is something that represents if you are a
perfect driver or not and any type of parking can be asked from you to do and most of the times it is the reverse parking and the parallel parking. They both are same but in parallel, you have to park your car while keeping it parallel. This type of parking is important when you are parking in a busy street.

Guide on parking

Here is how you can easily parallel park
 You should start it by finding space and making sure that your car will be able to fit in that space.
 Now when you have found the space you will be parking your car into, you need to make sure
your signals are on because since parking is usually done in a busy street you have to make sure
that people would know you are going to park.
 Align your car parallel to the other cars parked and then slide between them smoothly

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