How to go from having never driven a car before to passing your driving test

If you own a car and want to take your car anywhere you want then obviously you need a good driving lesson. A driving lesson is basically a:

A session involving a proper driving practice and theory involving a driving instructor


Instructions to follow


  1. Fuel must be topped up.
  2. Make sure your lights are in working order.
  3. Tires must be okay.
  4. Check your battery.
  5. Make sure your brakes are up to the job
  6. Clear windscreen.
  7. The emergency supply kit should be in your car.
  8. Do not panic.
  9. Do not overcrowd your car.
  10. Avoid speeding.


Why taking a driving lesson is important?


If you want to have freedom about your vehicle than you should definitely go for a driving lesson.

Taking a driving lesson will help you to gain confidence in driving and give you the freedom to drive your car anywhere you want.  They help you to learn new techniques and help you to leave bad habits that can cause danger. They help you to learn road rules and laws. According to research, the driving lessons are causing a massive decline in road accidents. Above all driving lessons ensure your safety.

Giving everyone a driving lesson should be obligatory so that each and every person can maintain the decorum of the road.


How to avoid critical situations


  1. Always look several cars ahead of you rather than the car that is directly in front of you.
  2. Take care of vulnerable road users like pedestrians or cyclists.
  3. Always leave enough room between you and the vehicle in front.
  4. If you see a critical situation act calmly and try to handle the situation properly


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