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How to Drive a Car?

One of the most common questions that people usually ask each other is How to Drive a Car? Now for the expert drivers, this is for sure funny questions, and on the other hand for the people who have never driven a car this question is of a lot of importance. Because of their further training in the Best Driving School is based on this question. So let’s start with the basics that what exactly is there for you to know in the start. So as for a starter, there is an accelerator, brake, clutch, gear lever, steering wheel, handbrake, and seatbelt.

Basic Components

Whenever you sit in a car the best for you is to set the position of the seat in such a way that it gets
comfortable for your feet to reach the pedals easily. Further, you must understand the sequence of
pedals, at the very right side there is an accelerator, in the middle, there is brake pedal, and at the left
side is a clutch pedal. But for Auto Transmission cars clutch pedal is skipped, and there are just two of
them, and sequence will be same that at the right side is an accelerator, and on the left is brake pedal.
Clutch is being pressed when gears are to be changed, and when the car is not moving. Similarly brake pedal is to be pressed when you want to stop the car, and the accelerator is to get the car moving. The steering wheel is used to turn the car left or right with the horn button in the middle of the steering wheel.

Some Information

Now moving towards handbrake which is also sometimes known as the parking brake is pulled up when the car is parked, in order to stop it from moving. And finally, the seatbelt is safety equipment inside a car to keep you safe instead of you being thrown out from windshield during a sudden break or a crash.

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