How to adjust mirrors for a better driving experience

How to adjust mirrors for a better driving experience

Are you aware of the method of adjusting your car mirrors? Do you face problems while driving due to an unclear view? Mirrors are the means of ensuring safety while driving. Without them, you can see only a small portion of the road that is present on the front side. Without rearview mirrors, you cannot avoid accidents because you cannot figure out if there is a car behind you or not.

Not being able to adjust mirrors is equal to not having mirrors as mirrors without proper angles are useless.

This article is about the proper adjustment of mirrors so make sure you read it properly.

Types of mirrors

There are generally two types of mirrors that are used in cars. Both are used for having a clear view of what is happening around your car when you are driving.

Rearview mirrors are located above the dashboard and help you see what is present behind your car Side view mirrors are located on both sides of your car and are helpful to see on the sides of the car and view at the back.

Adjustment of mirrors

The adjustment of mirrors is easy. To adjust the rearview mirror and the side mirrors follow the steps given below.

  1. Be comfortable in the driving seat

Sit on your driving seat comfortably such that you have access to all the frequently used car equipment. Make sure you sit like you do while driving.

  1. Adjustment of the rear-view mirror

Now gently maneuver the back-view mirror in a way that you can see the view of the backside. The mirror will show you what is present at the back through the middle of the transparent windshield present at the back of your car.

  1. Adjustment of side-view mirrors

To adjust the side view mirrors you have to if you allow you to use the button or you have to adjust levers for the purpose. Once you know the mean of adjusting mirrors that can either be your car button or levers attached to the mirror you can use them to meet the purpose.

Drivers side view mirror; You should first adjust the mirror present near the driver’s seat. The driver’s side mirror is in the best position when you can see the back view and a small portion of the car’s side.

Passenger’s side-view mirror; The passenger’s side-view mirror will be adjusted the same way you adjusted the driver’s side-view mirror. If you are moving mirrors manually then you will have to physically move as you cannot adjust it while sitting on the driving seat.

  1. Final check

After adjusting both mirrors have a final check that you can see the view of your surroundings well enough or not. Minor adjustments can be made while final check for a better view.

Wrap up

The first thing that ensures the safety of a driver is the understanding of adjusting mirrors. If you are not able to see what is happening around your car you can never be able to drive well and so can put your and others’ lives in danger. Thus, the knowledge of the adjustment of mirrors is important for every driver.

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