Hazard Perception Test

Learning driving is something we all want to do when we enter our teenage years and as soon as we turn 16 or 17 we join the diving schools so the driving test can be prepared for. Driving test as we now have two parts one being the theory part and the other on being the practical part and passing both these parts is very important. Theory part has two types of questions the Highway Code and the hazard perception.

Hazard Perception Test

To be prepared for the hazard perception test you forts need to learn what exactly is the hazard perception test. Basically, hazard perception test is a test that is performed on the computer and they show you the videos from the scenes inside the car and as soon as you spot the hazard you will have to click the mouse and that will show that you have indicated a hazard. Some of these videos will have more than one hazard and you will have to show them as well. This type of test is very important to see if you are actually ready to be driving on the roads with the other people around. This will indicate you are able to save yourself and others in such hazardous conditions.
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