Guide on Applying for the Driving License

Guide on Applying for the Driving License

Driving license is very important things and without a driving license, you are unable to drive your car or any other vehicle on the road. You can apply for the driving lesson only if you have turned 16 or 17 and the age varies in different areas of the world. You can have the driving license also when you have learned your driving lessons well and they have passed the driving test. On the basis of your core in the driving test, you will be allowed to apply for a license and with the help of the driving school, you can learn how to pass that test.

Applying for the driving license

While you are applying for the driving license here is what you should do  This process is different in different countries but is in Great Britain of you have turned 17 you can apply for it.  You will have to pick up a D1 form from the local post office and fill that form with all the required information  Attach the attested photograph of yours and then after getting it signed you can send to the DVLA.  You can also apply online for the license by the Government official website/

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