Government schemes for drivers

The government of the UK is very strict about their driving rules and the department of transport announced that they are looking at introducing a graduated license scheme. In this scheme, they will tell what new drivers are allowed to do and what not to do as compared to experienced drivers. It is not the first time that the department of transport is talking about it. In previous, the suggestion has been rejected because of some reasons. Actually, these schemes are designing to reduce the number of accidents and deaths on the road. According to the search, many accidents and deaths on the road happen because of new drivers.

Announcement of the department of transport

The government has not made any changes in rules yet, but they said they are working on it. According to this scheme new drivers have to follow the same rules as compared to experienced drivers. This scheme is to reduce the number of road accidents and deaths. If they introduce this scheme so this can be very useful to reduce the number of accidents and deaths on the road. But the department of transport has not said anything about age-restrict.

Which restrictions could new drivers face

There are some possible restrictions mentioned by the Government include:

  • The time period of learning before being allowed to take your driving test.
  • New drivers are not allowed to drive at night.
  • That certain age new drivers are not allowed to drive with passengers.

These rules are already followed in some countries around the world like New Zealand, Sweden, USA, and Canada, etc. These rules are for the safety of the driver. By applying these rules the Government of UK can reduce their accidents. As we know that new drivers have not enough experience to drive at night and to drive with passengers. It can prove good for the betterment of road driving conditions

Giving chance of experience to a new driver

It will prove very useful to give a chance of road experience to the new drivers before driving test. It can improve the skills of driving of new drivers. Also, it is important to give the chance to experience the night drive. These experiences can make the new drivers an experienced driver and it will also prove helpful to reduce the road accident. The main reason behind all these schemes is to make road drive safe for the people. Basically the traffic signs and road markings etc are for safety purposes. By following these rules we can make the road safe for us. It is also important you learn driving from the best driving school in the UK, if you learn right then you can drive right.

Why is the Government planning for this scheme

According to the research, many accidents happen because of a new driver. Because they don’t have enough experience of road driving at night and because of some mistake they become part of an accident. It is important that drivers should have the experience of road driving at different conditions for getting their license. According to the research of the agency that one in five new drivers crash their car during their first year on the road. And this happens just because of not enough experience of road drive. So to reduce the number of accidents and deaths on the road, the government is planning this scheme. To reduce the accidents and deaths on the road government made these rules. By following these you can be experienced and well driver. If don’t follow the traffic rules you can’t become a good driver.

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