Eyesight Rules of Driving License

Before you can go applying for a driving license you need to know a few things that you must definitely
have. The things that you should have before you can even apply for your driving license is that should
be of the legal age and also you should have the perfect eyesight that is required according to the rules.
Passing your driving test is also very important but that isn’t needed when you are applying for your
provisional driving license. But if you want to get the regular driving license you will need to know about
the Best Driving Schools that can teach you how to drive and all the other relevant aspect of driving.
Having good eyesight is also very important and that is needed even before the driving lessons.

Eyesight rules for driving license

Before you can get the driving license there will be a driving test and t pass that test you will have to
have the proper eyesight that is needed according to the driving rules. Having the appropriate eyesight
is also very important when you are sending the application for the provisional license which is the type
of license that is needed when you are taking your driving classes. Now following are the eyesight rules
 Your vision should be good enough that you can read the number plate of a car parked in front
of your form 20 meters
 If your eyesight is weak then make sure that whit with the road of the contact lenses and the
contact glasses you can see appropriately to that distance.
 You can have a vision of 0.5 on the Snellen scale. This is for both eyes and of your one eye is
working while other isn’t then it is for your working eye.
This range of vision is different for different vehicle drivers.

During driving test

This test is the part if your driving test and if you are unable to read the number plate then your while
the driving test procedure will be stopped and you will have to have the test again by DVLA.

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