Driving test centre in Greater Manchester

West Didsbury:-

West Didsbury is driving test institute it is located in Barlow Moor and West Didsbury, sitting near to the princess road A5103, the test centre is easy to find and even easier to get to. It is based on a small building, west Didsbury test centre can be found near a premier inn and Christies field Beefeater. This centre oversees a countless number of driving tests each month which takes place in is area.

Some knowledge about the test centre:-

As compared to other driving test centre, West Didsbury ideally provides and offer a huge variety of driving tests road conditions and features so that the candidates can fully perform and show off their newly learned driving skills and perform well.

Route of a practical test of West Didsbury:-

It is not fully confirmed which route will be chosen for the test by the test centre so it is not possible to find an exact route of the test for west Didsbury – the DVSA has stopped publishing test routes to make sure that candidates will not practice them before the exam. If you want any guess about the route that the examiner will choose then you should take a view on previous tests taken by the institutes in the last months or years. You can also see videos on youtube to learn about the previous test routes.

Passing rate of this institute:-

The national average pass rate in the UK currently stands at 45.8%. West Didsbury’s passing rate during 2014-2015 was 40.9%, and during 2015-2016 was 42.3%, and for 2016-2017 was 43.3%, and for 2017-2018 was 45%, and from 2018 to till now is 44.6% and its gradually increasing these days.    Arguably, the Wet Didsbury pass rate isn’t too poor it’s not too poor as compared to the national average pass rate.


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