Driving test center in Sale, Manchester

Sale driving test centre, Manchester

The driving test centre is ideally located in the Trafford area. The sale test centre is located on Poplar grove that is found between Alphabets Day Nursery and poplar garage limited. This test centre oversees plenty of driving tests each month, so it’s definitely worth getting to know about it if you are going to take your test here.

How to go to this test centre

This test centre is just 5 minutes away from the centre of Sale and bustling A56, The Sale test centre is easy to get and a very ideal option for the learners in the whole Sale and Trafford area. The driving tests are built in such a way that contains as many varied road conditions and features as possible, to make it sure that learners are able to tackle any kind of situations that occur suddenly on these roads, so they get fully prepared and qualified for any kind of situations that occur in real-time driving. The sale test centre has the road variety from the high-speed road to the quieter lanes.

Test day Schedule

On this day you will be completely ready for the test and very familiar with the Sale area. As long as you have remembered the lessons given to you by your driving instructor, you will be just fine. Now all you have to do on the is to be there 10 minutes earlier before the practical test with your provisional, then your test begins with the following:

  • An Eyesight test where you will read the number plate from 20 meters.
  • Questions covering vehicle safety and maintenance.
  • 20 minutes general driving where you will be guided by the examiner and will be asked to perform one of the following manoeuvres:
  1. Parallel parking
  2. Bay parking
  3. Pulling up on the right
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