Driving passing rate of the UK of 2011 and 2016

Passing a driving test with zero mistakes is the dream of every new driver but not all achieve this achievement. Achieving this achievement is possible if you do practice and learn driving carefully by the best instructor. Finding the best instructor for the learning of driving is not too difficult. There are many best driving schools in the UK who makes their student a perfect drive and prepare their pupils for the driving test. They also make your learning session a positive experience and funny, so you can enjoy learning driving experience.

Aims of phony schools or instructors

There are many other phony instructors and driving schools that just waste your time and money. They just open a school to rob your money. Giving driving test is a nerve-wracking experience, no matter how much confident driver and good driver you are. Nowadays UK’s driving pass rates are a hot topic of discussion and there are plenty of stats out there telling different stories, for example, if you live in a rural area you may be more likely to pass. But today driving schools play an important role in across the country are improving driving test pass rate. If we take about the passing rate of 2011 and 2016 so a lot can change in five years, so we have taken data from driving test centers across the UK and compared those figures to pass rates in 2011, the result was quite revealing.

Role of driving schools in the improvement of pass rate

Driving schools play an important role in the improvement of the pass rate of driving tests. After the arrival of driving schools, the passing rate is increasing very much because in driving school they give the right knowledge to the pupils and help them to find their mistakes and help to avoid them. We found 13 centers out of all the UK driving test centers that had the biggest pass rate improvement, ranging from less than 18% in Dundee to an impressive more than 44.5% pass rate increase in Stevenage. If we talk about the pass rate in 2011 of Stevenage it was less than 37% way below the national average of more than 46.8%.  While the Scottish village of Golspie experienced a less than 42.8% increase in pass rate to 83.9% in 2016 in the UK. It is the highest pass rate in the UK in 2016.

Opportunities for license hold drivers

If you pass your driving test then there are opens up a world of new job opportunities for you and you don’t need to rely on public transports. Also, you can be able to get anywhere on time. You can also be able to get those jobs for which UK’s driving license is required.

Does the best drive school of motoring improve the pass rate

Yes, the best drive school of motoring is one of the schools that play an important role in the improvement of test passing rates. The instructors of the best drive school of motoring fulfill the dream of many people who wants to become a good driver and want to pass the driving test with zero mistakes.

List of UK Driving Test Pass Rates For 2016 vs. 2011

Town 2016 Pass rate (%) 2011 Pass rate (%)
Aberdeen 48.3 50.8
Aylesbury 45.6 47.3
Abergavenny 57.8 57.3
Aberystwyth 52.3 56
Alness 60.9 58.6
Alnwick 65.2 60.1
Arbroath 58.7 58.6
Ayr 41.4 50.3
Blyth 57.9 54.9
Barnstaple 49 53.6
Barrow In Furness 56.5 62.7
Basildon 39.2 40
Basingstoke 43 48.8
Benbecula Island 52.2 60
Berwick-On-Tweed 56.8 60.1
Birmingham 38.2 40.4
Blackburn with Darwen 39.5 46.3
Blackpool 47.6 49
Bletchley 46.6 48.4
Ashfield 59.3 54
Barry 56.3 53
Airdrie 45.8 45.3
Banbury 53.1 51.9
Barnsley 51.3 42.3
Aberfeldy 54.1 50.6
Ballater 68.1 72.2



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