Driving and recognizing hand signals:

Driving and recognizing hand signals:

There are many circumstances and conditions which come up on the road and is important to notice them. Sometimes drivers may face a situation on the road when they themselves and the person with whom they are sharing the lane will need to use hand signals. Brake lights and the turn signals are placed there to make them aware but sometimes they go out on vehicles. The bicyclists and the motorcyclists also share the same lane and most commonly they use hand signals. It is important to know the directions of these signals to communicate easily on the road without colliding with other vehicles.

There are three basic hand signals;

  • Turning left
  • Turning right
  • Stopping

These signals are done with the left-hand vehicles whether they are motorcyclists, bicyclists, or car drivers.

Turning left:

The proper way to indicate the left turning is to straighten the arm vertically outside the vehicle. This will help others to know clearly about your intention. But there are some people who use the two fingers of the hand to indicate the left turning. This is not the proper sign and people consider it as nonchalant action.

Turning right:

When the driver wants to turn right then he should extend his arm out of the window at an angle of 90 degrees. As he can’t move to the passenger’s seat to indicate his direction. That’s why he held his arm erected with the fingers straighten up.


When you want to stop the vehicle it is important to let other drivers know that your intention is to stop the car so that they may not run into you. The signal for the driver is that, extend your arm downwards with the palm facing backwards with the bend in the elbow to get over the car window frame. For bicyclists and motorcyclists, the arm is usually straight and extended onward with the palm facing backwards.

In order to stay safe, it is important to not rely on the signals only but also have a glance at the surroundings with the shoulders over or the rearview mirrors to ensure that the signals are being noticed or not. The drivers may not recognize the universal sign as they usually look for the brake light action for stopping the vehicle.

For motorcyclists or bicyclists, the signal to be noticed is very necessary as the hit is very dangerous in this case. Make sure to look in the surroundings after signalling. If the person behind your vehicle is not noticing your signal then it is important to shift the lane before getting hit.

Always remember the signs:

Learning the signs once in the driving phase is not safe. Most drivers anticipate the hand signals it is important to be known what would you do if your lights go off. If you take up on motorcycles or bikes then it is very important to know about the signals. Yet if not, then you should also have knowledge about hand signals.

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