Done learning to drive? Now ready to drive? Avoid the 5 big mistakes every new driver makes

After learning to drive when you are up to hold your keys, done with all car driving lessons, and ready to drive on road, you get mixed feelings of excitement and fright. In this exhilarated mood, you may experience common mistakes that every new driver can do without noticing and may end in the bad driving experience.

It is good to have a pre-knowledge of what kind of mistakes a new driver can meet when sitting behind the wheel for the first time and racing the car on the road. Given is the list of those mistakes and ways to avoid them

Avoiding basic cautions:

Every time a new driver is about to start the car, he/she feels an inner thrill and excitement in doing so, this takes his/her mind away from the basic precautions of

  • Not speeding the car
  • Driving smartly at busy junctions instead of getting baffled
  • Not wearing the seatbelt
  • Not keeping both hands-on wheel

This all is due to the excitement of the teen and new drivers that they forget to notice the minor cautions and drive fast for making the first drive adventurous. This is the big cause of young drivers’ accidents.


Many of us when we are new at driving take our friends/ family with us to have a good car trip. This causes the car to overcrowd which adds distraction in driving. You are unable to observe on the road and may face serious road hazards as a result. Other distractions include:

  • Using a mobile phone along with driving
  • Getting diverted along with listening radio
  • Getting through areas with a lot of passengers
  • Looking for parking or other things outside along with driving

Not looking at the big picture:

When you are taking your car to the road you have to make your peripheral vision bigger by looking at the bigger picture. Most of the time you are just looking at the ground right in front of the car failing to notice all the road hazards.

Following are the road dangers you should have an eye on while being behind the wheel:

  • Animals crossing the road
  • Unpredictable rash drivers
  • Walking pedestrians
  • Road debris from passing car
  • Bad weather

Not adjusting the car properly:

Generally, we are not told of proper car adjustment when beforehand but taking your driving lessons from BestDrive will help you know all the beforehand precautions as they provide you with professional driving instructors.

Some of the car adjustments you must do before taking your ride are:

  • Adjust your seat in a way that your legs and arms are relaxed on the clutch and wheel respectively. This gives you comfort and control and the ability to react to unpredictable events while on road.
  • Before starting the car, you should make sure that the windows are clean and you can see without obstruction.

Following too closely:

This is the most common mistake approximately done by every new driver. They are unable to figure the gap between them and the car at the front. According to the professional driving instructors:

If you are going 50mph speed, leave 3 seconds between you and the first car. 

It is like adding one second for every 10mph over 50mph. If you are following more closely, it can lead to a car crash.


After learning to drive, when you are ready to drive or being a new driver, you should take notice of all the precautions given by the driving instructor and avoid the mistakes discussed above for having the best road experience every time.

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