Difference between zebra crossing and Pegasus crossing

The UK’s government not only tries to make the road safe for the drivers. Also, try to make safe for pedestrian people of the UK. The reason behind the strictness amount the rule is that the government wants its people safe and secure. If the people strictly follow the rules then they can make a safe environment for them. And nowadays everyone wants to be safe.

Know the Difference

Also, to become a safe driver it is essential you know the difference between crossings and traffic rules. And you follow them carefully. In the best driving school in the UK, they give you all the knowledge of crossings and traffic rules. Because they know that without its knowledge you can’t be a safe and well driver. So, if you want a confident driver then learn driving from the best driving school. Also if you didn’t have knowledge of traffic rules and crossings you can’t pass the test.

The difference between zebra and Pegasus crossing

If you know its difference then you don’t need to take tension. But if you didn’t know then you have to study it to become a good driver.  There are differences between zebra and Pegasus crossing is given below:

Zebra crossing

It is not difficult to spot a zebra crossing. Because of its black and white stripes that form a path across a road. And the yellow belisha beacons that flashing at either side of the road. Also, it is commonly known by everyone because of childhood memories with it. Unlike other crossing pedestrians, zebra crossing has priority. There are no lights, only belisha beacons are there. So, it is important that drivers drive cars with open eyes and also look out for pedestrians. Which is waiting to use zebra crossing form a while?

Pegasus crossing

The equestrian crossing is the second name of Pegasus crossing. It helps horses and pedestrians to cross the road safely together.

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