Completing a Downhill Start

Completing a Downhill Start

People, when thinking of the hill start, consider the uphill start mostly and takes the downhill start very casually and thus when they actually have to do it they end up ruining it by not being too careful during the driving test. Most of the driving examiner ask for the uphill start but some can also ask you to do a downhill start and that’s when the people lack their experience. So while learning your driving lessons make sure you ask your driving instructor to teach you both and if being a female student you are shy to ask your male driving instructor then you can ask for a female instructor but your lessons shouldn’t be compromised.

Downhill start

 Downhill start is as tricky as the uphill start is. In the downhill star, you have worried about hitting the hill end too fast and you should try to maintain your speed at the downhill start.  After checking your MSM routine and for the pedestrians you need to ease off your break very slowly.  The pressure on the accelerator should be very small because the car will already move in motion due to gravity.  When you are going downhill make sure the car gear is at 3 or 4 so the speed can be maintained smoothly.

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