Complete knowledge about pedestrian crossing in the UK

The UK’s government not only makes the road safe for the drivers also make safe for the pedestrian people of the UK. They have strict traffic rules and the UK’s government also strict for traffic rules. Basically the UK’s government has a vision that they can make road safe only if people follow the traffic rules strictly. In the best driving school in the UK, they give you all knowledge about pedestrian crossing because they think it is essential to know about pedestrian crossing to become a good driver. Also, knowledge of pedestrian crossing is important for to pass the driving test. You can pass your driving test and get a license if you have the knowledge of pedestrian crossing. It is the first thing you need to learn when you are first learning to drive. If your instructor didn’t tell you that you don’t need to worry we will tell you. There is a total of five different types of crossing in the UK:

  • Zebra
  • Pegasus
  • Toucan
  • Puffin
  • pelican

Zebra crossing

It is easy to spot a zebra crossing because of its black and white stripes that form a path across a road and the yellow belisha beacons that flashing at either side of the road. We know you have memories about that jumping from one white strip to another in your childhood and also in your childhood; your mom desperately tries to drag you across the road and out of the harm’s way. The UK is the busiest country and in this country, many pedestrian people use it to cross the road. It is the safest way to cross the road for all ages of people. Zebra crossing has priority, unlike other crossing pedestrians. There are only belisha beacons, with no traffic lights. It is important for the drivers to look out for pedestrians who are potentially about to use the crossing when a driver approached a zebra crossing. In this way, both driver and pedestrian people will be safe.

Pelican crossing

Basically, the pelican is the short form of Pedestrian Light Controlled Crossing. Pelican crossing uses buttons, sounds, and light to allow pedestrian people to cross the road safely. If you want to use pelican crossing you just need to press the button, traffic light brought to stop traffic light and you signaled to cross by a signal on the opposite side of the road. It is not difficult for you and also it is safe.

Puffin Crossing

You can say that puffin crossing is the smarter, younger sister to the Pelican crossing. It’s short for Pedestrian User Intelligent crossing and operates is similar to the Pelican crossing however they are fitted with some smart sensors. It can tell by releasing the traffic with a green light that crossing is clear or it can hold the traffic at a red light a little longer if any pedestrian may be taking longer to cross the road.

Toucan crossing

Toucan crossing is designed for pedestrians and cyclists both. It is for the safe crossing of pedestrians and cyclists both. It is just like puffin crossings, apart of a cyclist crossing. Normally Toucan crossing is only founded close to a park or where cycle lanes are present.

Pegasus Crossing

It is known as an Equestrian crossing. It is designed for pedestrians and horses both. It helps pedestrians and horses to cross the road safely together. It is similar to Toucan crossing and these are the least common type of pedestrian crossing you will see in the UK. It is normally located near the racecourses or horse training area.

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