Common reasons for car crashes and how to avoid them

We almost every day listen to the stories about car crashes and it has become so common that this news doesn’t even get its due space in news. Where there are so many responsible drivers who take their duty of driving serious and care for the lives of people, we are also surrounded by ones who just don’t take care of traffic rules and risk lives of people along with their own.

Driving a car is a task that requires so much of your concentration and a little distraction can cause a huge loss. So, when you learn driving make sure your trainer lets you know all the rules and regulations of driving so that you can avoid accidents.

Some important reasons for car crashes:

Numerous reasons lead to car accidents but mostly car accidents occur due to the following reasons.

Driving while being drunk:

Driving while being drunk and in an unhealthy mental state is the leading cause of car crashes. There are serious penalties for the person who is accused of driving while being drunk. In critical cases the driving license of driver is canceled is he is asked to pay high fines.

Some people are not drunk but they are not in good mental health so it is advised to resist driving when you don’t feel good.

Using a mobile phone:

Mobile phones are so much in use today that people have become slaves to them. The curiosity of checking every notification creates a lot of problems for people and especially when they are drivers. Texting and reading are very dangerous as these require concentration that you can’t afford to give during driving.

Distraction by passengers:

Often passengers irritate you with their questions and useless gossips. Kids mostly don’t sit at a fixed place and keep indulging their fingers everywhere. If you have a dog too in the car then the trouble is multiplied. All these can cause serious distress leading accidents.

High speed and bad weather:

Some irresponsible drivers just want to fly their car and so they speed it up so much that one can even feel he is flying in the air. But, the actual thing is that once you speed your vehicle up it goes out of your control and causes accidents. The wheels of a high-speed car lose their grip and start sliding rather than rolling.

Bad weather conditions are also a serious factor that causes accidents. Darkness, heavy rains, blur vision due to unclear windscreen, and fog are leading causes of accidents caused by bad weather.

Health breakdowns:

It was reported that a person who driving with inadequate sleep got his car bumped into the wall and was severely injured. Health breakdowns can cause serious complications and no one can drive in a similar situation.

Break fails and other such problems:

You should keep on checking if your car is in optimum condition or not. Technical issues cause accidents and here even the proficiency of drivers can’t help.

Nothing is permanent so your car engine, batteries, and other stuff also have a time limit. Regular checks can detect mechanical failures and you can save a lot of pain and effort.

Few amazing tips to resist car crashes:

The basic rule to resist car accidents is to keep your cool and stay focused but some other things can make your experience smooth.

The following are some important tips that can help you resist car crashes.

  • While driving on multilane road use of right lane or central one can give you a good margin for you as these have more “escape route” while the fast lane is dangerous as most of the accidents occur there.
  • You should always keep scanning the frontal area so that you can stop your car on time if the next car takes a sudden break. Also, adjust your view mirrors correctly to avoid missing something.
  • Keep proper orientation of your hands on the steering your grip must ve strong enough to avoid any mishap timely.
  • Check the features of your car and know about its limits. Also, keep a check on the conditions of your car.
  • Check weather conditions before starting your journey because bad weather causes many accidents.
  • Don’t take eyesight problems like blurry vision lightly and go for a medical checkup.
  • Never speed up when you are around some primary school and kindergarten etc.

Wrap up:

Vigilance in driving can save you from a lot of trouble. Car crashes can lead to loss of life and the one who once gets involved in such thing never overcomes his regrets so it is better to take precautions than to regret.

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