By using the palming method how to change gear in a manual car

Driving a manual car is not too difficult. You can become a master in the manual car driving. For this, you just need to learn driving from the best driving school in the UK. The best driving schools have experienced instructors who know their work. Also, love to drive and teach new learners driving. Nowadays learning cars driving for a better future become essential for everyone in the world.

Because there are many jobs that you can get if you have a license and if you are a good driver. Many people lose the chance of getting a good job because they don’t know how to car. There are many benefits of driving like you can open your own driving school, no rely on public transport, etc. You can become a good driver of a manual car if you can know how you can change gear smoothly.

Palming method

Palming is the method of using a gear lever. It is you to change gear smoothly without mistake. You can practice this when the engine switch is off and when the car is stationary. This method is taught by instructors of the best driving schools. It is very necessary if you want to become a good driver and to pass the driving test with zero mistakes.


It is not a gear. The gear can be freely moved right and left when in neutral. You cannot do this if it is in gear.

How to Change the gears

Use the palm of your hand so that it is facing away from you on the side of the gear lever. And your thumb in point down. The position of your hand will push against the spring. Move left and then forwards to first gear. Move the gear lever back to the second gear. To change 2nd to 3rd gear letting lever spring to the central neutral position and then forwards again to 3rd. For changing gear 3rd to 4th move lever backward without moving right or left. For 5th gear just push forward to neutral, then to the right and forward.

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