By using ‘pull-push’ technique how you can steer a car

It is important you use steering a car without crossing arms. All professional instructors and drivers recommend the ‘pull-push’ method to the new drivers. This method is the most effective way of steering and the safest. The reason behind your arms is not crossing when steering. It is because of the modern car airbag as in the center of the steering wheel. If it ever needed to explode out, crossing your arms when steering will block this.

You have less power and control should you need to steer back the other very quickly. It is another reason against crossing arms when steering. The knowledge of the ‘pull-push’ technique is given to the pupils in the best driving school in the UK. Knowledge of this technique is essential to become a good driver. Crossing arm is one of the mistakes for which the examiner is looking for during the test.

The right way to hold the steering wheel

It important for good steering to keep both hands on the steering wheel at all times. Make it your habit that you keep both potholes on the steering wheel. Unless you are using one of the cars other controls or changing gear. It means you have full control of the steering wheel if you hit a pothole. You can practice on pretend and plate of pull-push technique.

Feeding the steering wheel through from one hand to the other

Your left hand should always stay to the left half and your right hand must always stay to the right half of the steering wheel.

Steering right

You would start with both hands at the top of the steering wheel, to steer full lock right. Your left hand would not grip and you would pull down with your right hand gripping. It would slide off the steering wheel opposite to your right. At the bottom, your hands would then meet. Now your right-hand slides up to meet at the top and your left-hand grip the steering wheel as it pushes-up. The left-hand slide down opposite and your right hand now grip as it pulls the steering down.

Steering left

Just the other way, to steer left is the same process. Pull the steering-wheel down as your right-hand slide down to meet it at the bottom and your left-hand will now grip. You will grip the steering wheel with the right hand and it will push up. You slide to the top to meet your right hand with your left hand. And it will continue until you cannot steer anymore.

You will be able to gradually steer quicker and more effectively, once you get confident with the pull-push steering.

Does the knowledge of ‘pull-push’ technique is essential to become a good driver

Yes, the knowledge of the ‘pull-push’ technique is necessary to become a good driver. The instructors of the best driving school teach this technique to all pupils. Without this knowledge, you cannot be able to pass the driving test. Also cannot be able to pass a driving test with no mistake.


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