Applying for the Provisional License

A provisional license is a type of license that helps you work with the driving classes since you are not
allowed to drive at all when you didn’t have a driving license the provisional driving license is something
you should attain for your driving classes from Best Driving Schools. This type of driving license is given
to you with a lot of the restrictions. You can’t carry a passenger in your vehicle while you are driving and
neither can you drive during the nighttime. This license is very important for you when you are learning
to drive. With this license, you won’t even be taking any of the driving cases.

How to get your provisional license

Getting a provisional license is rather easy because there are not a lot of things that you need to do. As
we know that to get the provisional license you have to get it just for your driving lessons and which you
can get started three months prior to your 16 or 17 the birthday. So that means that you won’t be able to
apply for this driving license unless you are 15 years and 9 months, or older than that. Following is how
you can apply for this license
 You will have to apply for this license online on the DVLA website.
 The fees for the application will be 34 Pounds.
 For that, you also need to have the national identity of that country or any other identity that
suffice that.
 These and some other information may be needed for this purpose ad you have to have it all
written in your application form.
 Once you have applied for it will take a week for the license to arrive and if it is taking any longer
than that then it is because DVLA is making further confirmations.

When to apply

You can apply for your provisional license when you are 3 months to be turned into the legal age of
driving and also when you have the appropriate eyesight for driving.

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