Are you someone who has gone through basic driving knowledge but never been to driving seat?

Or this is your first-time experience behind the wheel and your mind is getting blank because of multiple fears?

Now worry not because after going through this article, you will probably be confident enough to sit in the car and drive your way making the first behind the wheel experience the best experience of driving seat.

Just keep in mind the following points before and during this wonderful experience thus you will surely end up in an unsurpassed way.

Start with the right frame of mind:

If you are driving for the first time, you probably need a guide from an experienced instructor as provided by ‘best drive’ or an adult family member or any friend having driving experience of at least three years.

Your duty is to have a learning attitude towards your instructor. Your frame of mind is very important in this regard, the more you are positive towards learning, the more you listen to the instructor beside you, the more you can drive safely and in a good manner.

Adjust the car before driving:

Before you ought to drive, adjust the vehicle by:

Adjusting the mirror:

  • Adjust your blind mirror so that you can’t see your car in the mirror.
  • Adjust the rearview mirror so that you can see the back window of your car entirely.

Adjusting the seat:

Adjust your seat according to your height so that you can have a relaxed and comfortable driving experience.

Having a basic knowledge of Car engine, and transmission:

You might be thinking, what to do with the knowledge of engine and transmission but think, what makes a cargo? Its engine and transmission. So before having the first seat up just get enough information about the basics of the car engine and transmission. For example, you should know:

  • How and when to shift into gear
  • The complex relationship between the clutch, flywheel, and engine.
  • How much power your vehicle possessing
  • And what you should expect in terms of delivery of that power.

All this kind of information will help you productively coordinate your mind and muscles thus helping you to drive smoothly.

Stop Overthinking:

If you come to start you’re first behind the wheel experience by thinking about it the whole previous night and during the morning and the whole way from home to the driving school or the car then there is a 99.9% guarantee that you will be having the worst driving experience.

Sitting first time on driving seat, you might be overwhelmed with all the rules you remembered but to experience a smooth, secured and relax driving you to have to eradicate all the other thinking from the mind and just need to focus on the road.

For further calming your nerves, you should have a trusted and experienced instructor beside you. This will build up your confidence and will make the journey less scary.

Clear all the distractions:

For smooth drive clear all the distractions from the car. Like:

  • Turn off the radio.
  • Roll up window.
  • Put away the cell phones.
  • Have a trusted instructor with you, not a talkative friend.

This will help you to concentrate on the road.

Do not drive on unfamiliar roads for the first time:

If you are driving for the first time, it is better to stay on familiar roads so that you are more confident. If you will wander on unfamiliar roads and you got panic for any reason, your anxiety will increase more due to the unfamiliar paths you are on.

Stay away from major highways:

The very thing to note is, drive on inner roads that have minimum traffic. Never does this mistake of driving your first driving seat exposure to a major highway or an inner state. This will cause you in trouble and you will unable to handle the large traffic.

Learn from your mistakes:

In the end, when you are done with driving, think about the mistakes you have done all the way and the instructions the trainee has given to you and try to overcome those mistakes in the next drive.


The first experience on the driving seat is always exciting and frightening but if you calm your nerves and be focused, the whole experience will end up with 100% excitement and no fright. So follow the above-mentioned steps for having plain sailing, relaxed, and secure the first experience behind the wheel.

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