How to drive on an icy and snowy road?

Your car is able to drive on a snowy and icy road but are you able to drive on such road. Even a trained driver feels it difficult to drive on an icy road. To reduce hazards now the good driving schools are giving training for such weather and conditions. People who live in such areas have to take lessons so that they are not restricted in their houses in this weather.

Tips every driver should know:-

  • Try to go at a steady speed.
  • You should avoid quick brakes and accelerators.
  • When there is a slope you should keep your speed slow.
  • If your car starts skidding on the ice then you should take your feet off the pedals and you should steer into the skid. If you apply brakes or accelerators than it can worsen the situation.
  • Prepare your car for such weather dry-ice your car and keep in mind that all the mirrors are clean or there is no ice on the rooftop because it can cause difficulty in watching
  • You should have chains in your car maybe you need chains for driving.
  • You should avoid fast turns because it is dangerous to apply brakes quickly.

Advantage of taking lessons:-

It’s your personal experience that if you are going to places which are covered in snow then it’s obvious that you will see that there is an accident scene or someone will tell be careful from this turn recently many accidents occur on this turn. Accidents are very common in such places.

There are drivers available in such areas who drive your car they are highly trained are and used to such conditions, this reduces the risk of accidents. Otherwise, a good school will give you lessons for winter.

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