Does the information about indicators and Dashboard warning lights is essential

Through the dashboard warning lights car communicates to you and tells you how your car is behaving. So, that is why knowledge of dashboard warning lights is essential. Also, to pass the driving test you should know about warning lights. In the best driving school in the UK, they teach about all indictors and dashboard lights. Because without its knowledge you cannot be able to pass the driving test, in the test the examiner, ask a question about it. And if you do not know about it, you will fail in test. So, to pass the driving test and to become a good driver knowledge of warning lights is essential. Every year many candidates pass the driving test with zero mistakes. So, if you want to achieve this achievement. Get complete knowledge of indicators and dashboard warning lights.

Name of some dashboard warning lights and indicators

There are some names of dashboard warning lights and indicators:

  • ABS
  • Battery
  • Engine warning
  • Handbrake
  • Oil
  • Fog light

These are the important dashboard warning lights about which you should know. Your instructor should teach you about dashboard warning lights and indicators to make you a good driver. If you do not know about the dashboard warning lights, you cannot be able to pass the driving test. The examiners ask you questions about them. And if you know the meaning of dashboard warning lights, you can pass the test.

 Car starting

When you start the car, some warning lights come on. You do not need to worry actually they are just to check that all functions are working properly. If after starting the car engine, certain warning light stays on for more than a few seconds. It means this is some issue that needs to solve. Therefore, you checked your car by an experienced mechanic to solve the problem.

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