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    Best Drive Driving Instructor Training

    Are you looking for something exciting? Or trying to find an opportunity to start a business then you have a golden chance to start one without any investment. Being a driving Instructor is not a difficult task, because for this purpose you need not have some extraordinary skills. At Best Driving School UK, we teach you to how to become a Driving Instructor with just simple driving knowledge and skills. We have already trained more than thousands of people to become a trainer, and they are currently doing their own business.

    Train to be an instructor

    Practical tuition

    Put your teaching skills to the test with a real-life observation lesson.

    Buddy up

    Share knowledge and practice with other local trainees to boost your confidence.

    Virtual classrooms

    Learn from the comfort of your own home or on the go with our interactive, web-based classes.


    (If you work with us for six months, we will waive the fee)

    Why you should become a Driving Instructor?

    Now obviously this question might arise in your mind that what benefits you might get from being a driving instructor. Well first of all as you are already aware the next wave of COVID-19 might arise any time, and during that time almost every other business simply closes down. Whereas people who are interested to learn about driving are now free to get lessons. So, this is the golden chance for you to provide this opportunity to the people, and earn some extra cash while everyone else is just sitting idle.
    Secondly, there is an extreme shortage of trainers to teach driving to the people, and usually, you might have to wait for the appointment. Similarly, the rate of people who want to learn is also rising, and in this shortage of instructors, you now have an amazing opportunity to earn cash using your skills and knowledge.
    Last but not least, we have the easiest and fastest training course available for you, so that you need not wait longer to start your driving school. We have a qualified team of instructors available at our driving school, who completely understands that how to teach you to be a qualified driving instructor.

    Benefits of being a Driving Instructor

    If you are interested in being your boss, this is just the best profession for you. We are here to provide you with an opportunity to start your own business without any high investment. Besides this, it will help you out and provide a positive impact on society as you are helping the citizens drive safely and carefully.

    Secondly, it does not matter that if you are an employee or the owner of any business, you have to stay strict to the timeline of office hours. Well, we provide you an opportunity to work flexible hours according to your own choice. It all depends on you that you would like to set with your clients for training.

    Different Steps to become a Driving Instructor

    If you are interested in becoming a Driving Instructor, we have different phases that you have to pass through to classify as a trainer. So, the first thing comes first, which would be a test that you have to pass through. The main reason for this theory test is to check your knowledge about the codes and rules on streets and highways. This test will also include your methods to train your students. This is an online test, so it does not matter how many attempts you take to pass it. To pass this test, you have to score around 85% marks.

    Then the next phase is the practical test, which is easier for you to pass, as you would already be a driver yourself. This test is required to check your driving skills and teach driving to someone using your skills. This test needs to be passed as soon as your theory test is cleared.

    Then the next and last test is Instructional Test, in which you have to represent your skills to be able to teach your students. Passing a test and delivering those skills to someone else is another thing. So, in this test, we will judge that how strong are your teaching skills. This is the final test and must be passed at least two years after the driving test.

    Once you have passed these tests, the next step is to get the trainer’s license which is a kind of permission for you to join the training classes provided by us. Now you can join our sessions and start learning the teaching skills. Even though you have already passed the instructional test, these sessions are to hone your skills in a better way. You should remember that this license will remain valid for the next few months. So, in these months you have to complete your training to start your own business at the end.

    The final step would be that our trainer will keep an eye on you to check how exactly you teach your students or how you treat them. If you pass this test, you will get the permanent Driving Instructor License from a DVSA Examiner.

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